Tips August 11, 2022

6 Ways To Update Your Kitchen And Bathrooms On A Smaller Budget

Update Your Home on a Smaller Budget
If you’re looking to update your home on a smaller budget then these are some tips that you should consider. It is known that kitchen and bathroom remodels have some of the best returns on investment when selling a home. It pays off to consider options that will appeal to majority of people when making updates. In my experience, a large number of buyers are looking for an updated kitchen and bathrooms when house hunting. Who doesn’t like that “new” feel in their home?
If you don’t have the budget to completely remodel your kitchen and bathrooms, don’t worry, there are solutions to making your space look more updated and fresh. A lot of projects can be DIY if you have enough skill and knowledge but it’s always best to hire a professional.
Here are some items that you can update, that will not break the bank.
Cabinet Color
If you can’t replace your cabinets you can improvise.
It can be expensive to change out the cabinets completely. If you have some room in your budget you can opt to reface them by change out the cabinet doors. A more economical option would be to give them a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to choose colors that are “in”. Keep in mind that your personal preference may not be everyone else’s.
Pro tip: you can’t go wrong with neutral colors inside the home.
Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet hardware adds character.
A quick and simple project that you can handle all on your own is changing out the hardware on your cabinets. If your cabinets are naked and have no handles or pulls, it’s not hard to add them. You should be handy and have some experience with a drill if you’re going to attempt to tackle this project on your own.
Pro tip: when choosing hardware make sure to match the style of the hardware to the style of your other fixtures and decor.
Faucets/Shower Heads
Faucets and shower heads can really change the look of a space.
Old fixtures highlight the fact that your kitchen or bathroom has not been updated. Installing new faucets or shower heads will make the rooms look and feel newer. Black accents are in but keep in mind that black is not the natural color of the metal so it can scratch and chip overtime.
Pro tip: match the faucets in all  bathrooms to create continuity throughout the home.
Bathroom Mirrors
Changing out the mirrors can make a huge difference in your bathroom.
One option would be to replace one long mirror with two separate, matching mirrors. If changing them seems like a lot of work then you could settle for framing the mirror/s you currently have. When hanging heavy object it is best to find the studs in order to make sure they’re secure.
Pro tip: when choosing mirrors for bathrooms make sure the frame is a material that can withstand humidity.
Lighting fixtures
Proper lighting in a home is very important.
Making sure the lighting fixtures are not outdated can make your home feel newer and more desirable when deciding to resell. Remember to match the lighting metal accents to the other metals throughout your home. It’s ok to have more than one metal color just try to keep it at a maximum of two and make sure they complement each other.
Pro tip: make sure that all of your lightbulbs are the same color temperature throughout the home.
Decor can really liven up a space.
If nothing else, then make sure that your decor is on point. Make sure you don’t have clutter and add accents that bring the feel of warmth and comfort. Plants are always a great option. Runners are also a good option for your kitchen and even bathrooms. Keep most appliances hidden in cabinets to keep the countertops decluttered and make them feel more spacious. Do the same in bathrooms by organizing your drawers and cabinets in order to keep your countertops pretty bare with minimal items displayed.
Pro tip: less is more. Keep your decor items to a minimum.
Bonus Tip
Change out the caulk to keep everything looking fresh and clean.
Try some or all of these tips to updated your home on a smaller budget.