Resources July 26, 2022

Hometown Heroes Downpayment Assistance

The Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program offers downpayment and closing cost assistance to frontline workers. (There are other programs as well that do not require a specific occupation.)

This program is for first-time buyers but if you have owned in the past it doesn’t mean that you won’t qualify. As long as you have not lived in a home that you own in the last three years, then you can qualify for the program.

There are income limits for the program. For example, if you are in Orange County then your annual income cannot exceed $124,350. To check the limit in your county click on this link.

The benefits of this program include:

  • lower rate, reduced upfront fees, downpayment and closing cost assistance
  • up to 5% in closing cost and downpayment assistance (not to exceed $25,000)
  • the assistance is in the form of a deferred second mortgage with 0% interest and is due in full only when the home is sold, the first mortgage is refinanced, the deed is transferred or if the owner no longer occupies the home as their primary residence.

To find out if your occupation is eligible for this program, click on this link.